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martes, diciembre 22, 2009

Échale tomate al pavo..

He aquí un viejo documento que me envió la Gacela Aranjuezana hace algunos años,con todos mis respetos a los derechos de su autor.Creo que se titulaba:"¿eres un orientador?".

1) Your compass is one of your most prized possessions

(2) You optimize your route choices to and from the supermarket

(3) You orient a street map of your town to the magnetic north, even
if it means all the street names are upside down

(4) You think there's nothing wrong with wearing clothes made up of 6 different colours

(5) You always have at least one O-map in the toilet

(6) You are always obliged to explain to your friend what orienteering is

(7) You consider taping the shoelaces on your dress shoes

(8) You hang a control point up to your driving mirror

(9) You are the first to go to sleep during a party because you must be awakened sunday early in the morning

(10) You can recite your Sport Ident/E-card number from memory, but often have trouble remembering your phone number

(11) You contemplate moving to Sweden

(12) All of your white socks are no longer white or you buy grey or black socks so the dirt doesn’t show

(13) OCAD is the only software graphics package you know how to use, so you do everything with it

(14) If you’re a Mac’user, you've kept that old Windows PC, but only for running all the orienteering software that only runs on Windows (eg OCAD, Catching Features)

(15) You think nothing of driving for 16 hours in order to
run around in a strange place for 90 minutes.

(16) When your friends no longer think you're insane, and you have even managed to convince one or two to go hiking out back and swim in the muddy swamp with you

(17) You spend a lot of your time surfing random orienteering websites

(18) When your kids think it's normal to find Xmas presents by using OCAD maps of the interior of your house

(19) Your child can read the IOF symbols before they can read the "beginner" clue sheets

(20) There is a bag on the floor you have yet to fully unpack from your most recent orienteering trip

(21) While driving, you never actually get lost, you just make "x min mistakes".

(22) When you get lost on the way to someone's house, they tease you about it for being an orienteer, and you protest that you didn't have a map

(23) You are amazed to think that someone might NOT enjoy running around alone off-trail in the woods, possibly in the dark

(24) You complain about people who park their huge mobile homes between two trees and announce they are "camping."

(25) You read all of the above and find it funny, not disturbing

machacado por: Competencia de Runoway-El Carnoso Prosista @ 1:54 a. m.


Eh!!! Qué bueno!!! Y la mochila del raid del pavo still unpacked on the floor!! xD! creo que me estoy metamorfoseando en algo raro, y mis hijos, qué será de mis hijos... ya leen los símbolos IOF y en sus cumples preparan ellos solitos O-carreras para sus amiguitos!!!! ;-))
Me encanta el blog, sois unos máquinas!!! Nos vemos en Almadén, TeRe

# machacado por Blogger ProfeEF: 9:42 a. m.  

Twenty-five of twenty-five.
Yes, I´m.

# machacado por Anonymous after-o: 9:57 a. m.  

gracias tere!!!me alegro de que lo hayas conocido!

# machacado por Blogger Competencia de Runoway-El Carnoso Prosista: 11:48 a. m.  

en facebook hay aun mas!

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# machacado por Blogger Ana soo: 4:37 p. m.  

Your site is very helpful

# machacado por Blogger omar ali: 7:25 p. m.  

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