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lunes, junio 20, 2016

Kurva lluvia

If you look back to your life, what is the action you regret more?What  are the thoughts of a man who is sentenced to death and which are the differences between him and me who certainly know I will die one day in the future? 

Last weekend  one member of Machacas-o headed to Lappeenranta´s  Mud Wrestling International Championships, kurva lluvia.

CdR finaly got the opportunity to run the first leg.In the start line, he remembered the key words previously setted that evening, including the wish of Nazario "always in control".One key thought was also to forget individual goals and run for a stable team performance through the night.
This lead to a strange thought ,thanks to Fyodor D. and the questions at the beggining of this post.CdR remembered that all those strong guys around him will be dead in 50-60 years, and then it was clear how absurd was to seek  the own glory, and how important was to focus on experiencing a sensual night together with forest and map.

So in the way to the fourth control CdR had to stop and gave his headlamp to KOK´S first team runner, Dag, whose lamp had decided to not work.

The rest of the race was an exercise of suicide running with the spare lamp ,also known as "El Frontal del Pánico".Where will my foot be in 0,5 seconds....a rock? a 1mdeep pit? who knows?who cares?CdR wore Dag´s spoiled lamp with a kind of underground style , tried to speed up on the paths and use the lights of the other runners.

On the way back to Helsinki Vantaa, a strange song  is played in the car( huele a gamba, ella quiere jugar). It says " cause this evening we are all leyends". So CdR remembered what El TORO had done the past night.Yes, that night he became a leyend!

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miércoles, junio 15, 2016

Don´t call it comeback

A good bunch of days have past here in the north and some members of the spanish horse orienteering squad shall move to Lappeenranta to continue searching treasures in the forest,using the moonlight and analyzing the varation of moss on the stones.

However,true happiness and love was reached during the days in Høiås,only disturbed by a noisy animal during the night  .After advanced researching, the conclusion is: it was not  a bustard,nor the  Isar del Bergueda.

Confía en mi,de verdad.

On friday 10/06/2016 a challenging middle distance waited for us in Tjärndalen.Many cliffs,some green areas. A little surprise in M21ESP.Don´t call it comeback.Still, a world betweens us and the autochtonous.

On sunday all the chicks got a lethal injection of Casalterapy,  only those named Bomb Kids resisting the terrible dosis with strength. The next time we will battle togehter will be in the lands of Soria, in no more than 2 weeks.

A last bocatto di cardinale waited for us in the relay training with Österrike, SUI, FRA, HSK, and some lonely (and not less dangerous ) wolfs.¿Pero iban a tope o no?Nada ,simplemente están cansados porque estarán entrenando mucho.¿más que nosotros?

Some microsprints, a bath in the lake and we are ready to Jukola!

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lunes, junio 06, 2016

Ja,det var sola!

The first days of freedom have brought CdR a pretty high level of satisfaction.Since the next and last exam of the HMS(helse,miljø,sikkerhet)is an english test, our main character will write the coming entries here at Machacas -o in english. Maybe the smoking yankee can help us to improve a little bit?

Law enforcements and corvids ambush CdR at Gardemoen

Sun shines in Kristiansand, temperatures are surprisingly high, birds sing(specialy seaguls at 3 in the " night"), butterflies breed, and CdR run already on thursday his first training in Sørlandsterreng,which is quite tough,considering that vegetation  grows up above knees.It was a korridor in Vestheiene with Gjelsten and Stormoen.Somehow a mystic experience to smell the nordic vegetation again,feel the marshes and notice the need of permanent concentration.

For any annoying reason the gps don´t work properly/accurate and the bracelet broke that day,therefore there is no track from thursday onwards.By the way, this was just 15 minutes biking from home...just like in Casa de Campo....

Friday it was a control picking in Baneheia and travelling to Oslo,where CdR would participate in the paralel races of Junior VM testløp.

On saturday  the pace was safe and controled at the beggining, which did not avoid a mistake in control 9.Then, master Weltzien appeared.CdR could actualy follow his speed and also read and do orienteering.Weltzien showed us that there is life beyond "rett på" and it works,sometimes.
Also, CdR could see a delicated,meticulous, even erotic could be said, use of the contour lines:

CdR in red eats three contours.Weltzien in blue caress the contours.

On sunday, blueberries almost swallowed us on the SKRÅLI terrain.Again a lot of sun, the hit of the moment, and a lot of fun and real orienteering. CdR is satisfied with most of the routechoices and really enjoyed some moments which seldom happen in Spain, mainly  those ones when one have to grab the map with two hands ,reading it, keeping direction and trying to run efficiently in the terrain(for example, attacking 7th control on the downhill).

Results are not the main goal but are still there, show some lacks and also some things that are quite ok after a long period of no-orienteering-nightmare:saturday,sunday.

Many tasty delicatessen are coming next week, starting with Jukola uttaksløp on wednesday, and the very expected training camp with the rest of the spaniards in Halden, preparing WOC. We must be careful,  my precious, because our body has been stucked in a chair for long months and still need time to adapt.

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